Resident Scrutiny Panel review update

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During 2020 and 2021 the Resident Scrutiny Panel undertook a review of the Resident Voice, in other words what residents tell us about services, through all sorts of communication channels, and how we listen and act on what you tell us.

The panel looked at how the Resident Voice features in digital communication, service standards, staff recruitment, induction and training, and procurement. It was the panel’s biggest review to date, split over two phases and producing more than 60 recommendations.

As this was such a broad review and one that has a significant impact, we wanted to update you on what steps have been taken to implement the panel’s recommendations:

  • A staff team of Resident Voice Champion volunteers has been created to ensure residents’ voices, their view and priorities, are heard and understood across the organisation and used to influence how we deliver our services
  • Town and Country Housing’s (TCH) existing Service Commitments have been updated and additional commitments developed, in consultation with residents, to give clear information about what you can expect from our services
  • An additional member of the PR team has been recruited and is undertaking an overhaul of TCH’s website which many of the phase one recommendations were focussed on. The site is currently under development with a limited level of information
  • A new accessibility tool offering large print, language translation and audio transcription among other features, will be added to TCH’s website. Reachdeck will replace Browsealoud, the main benefits of which are behind the scenes tools checking the website is compliant with accessibility regulations and enabling broken page links to be identified and fixed
  • A search function has been added to the Love Living Homes (TCH home sales) website to enable easier navigation.

To find out more about the Resident Scrutiny Panel. The Resident Voice recommendations and previous service reviews, please contact

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