Compensation policy review

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The draft revised policy was published in this newsletter last year, asking residents for their views before the policy was finalised and published. Most people who gave us feedback said that the policy was clear, but there was a request that we made the terminology referring to home disturbance compensation clearer, which we’ve done.

Other feedback was about making sure the policy was consistently applied and that all staff were aware of this policy and the associated complaints policy. We deliver induction training about these policies to all new staff, and deliver regular training updates, guidance and briefings for everyone.

We always advise all staff of any policy changes, to make sure everyone has an up-to-date knowledge of policy and when and how to use it. All staff have been made aware of this revised policy.

You can read the final version of the policy here.

The policy in action

We always want to provide a high level of service to all our customers but recognise that there will be occasions when a service doesn’t meet our published standards. Compensation may be awarded if residents experience financial loss or severe inconvenience. The policy outlines TCH’s approach to ensure the consistent and fair treatment of all compensation claims, whilst following required guidelines. The compensation policy is usually used alongside our complaints policy.

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