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As part of listening to residents’ feedback, including from complaints and satisfaction surveys, we always aim to learn from our mistakes, see what we can change to improve our services and stop the issues from happening again in the future.

Lesson: Whilst some people tell us they’re satisfied with how the communal areas around their homes are maintained, we don’t always get it right.

Resolution: Our Estates Contract Team has set up an improved action planning process so that areas that are not meeting the required standard are more closely monitored. We make sure that the contractors doing the grounds maintenance and cleaning have a clear set of actions we expect them to follow to bring the communal areas up to the required standard quickly. If you have any concerns about the upkeep of the communal areas where you live, please let us know by completing this form. We also always like to hear any positive feedback about the services our estates contractors are providing.

Lesson: When we rent out newly built homes there is a period where the property development company remains responsible for any repairs or defects. Residents have told us that they sometimes have problems with getting all of these ‘defect’ works completed.

Resolution: We’ve introduced a process where we keep in contact with the developer and check back with residents after the developer tells us the works are completed to make sure residents are satisfied.

We regularly review our processes based on resident feedback and the complaints we receive, as these examples show:

  • Lesson: You told us that appointments had been missed when housing managers were off work at short notice.
  • Resolution: We’ve introduced a ‘buddy system’ between housing managers, so that if someone is unexpectedly off ill, for example, a ‘buddy’ will pick up the appointment. We’ll check that appointments can be covered, and let you know if that’s not possible.

  • Lesson: Your feedback has told us that our process and expectations for when a property is vacated were unclear.
  • Resolution: We’ve set up a pilot project where one of our team visits residents during their notice period to explain the process and carry out an inspection before the resident leaves the property. This has led to fewer recharges to residents at the end of tenancies as it’s clearer about the condition a property needs to be left in.

If you have any suggestions, or feedback on how we can improve our services, let us know by emailing us at info@tch.org.uk or by giving us a call on 01892 501480.

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