Mia, Baily and Ray

The value of apprenticeships

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Town & Country Housing is committed to developing its workforce, offering a range of training opportunities to all staff. We’re also keen to grow talent, as shown by the support it offers to apprentices.

To mark National Apprenticeship Week we caught up with two apprentices working in TCH Repairs – Baily, who’s four years into his apprenticeship, and Mia, who’s recently joined.

Baily, who is months away from qualifying, explained why he felt the apprenticeship route was right for him:

“I just didn’t enjoy school. I enjoyed the social part just not the sitting down reading! I wasn’t going to go to sixth form and uni,” he said.

“ I did an electrical placement for my work experience and  really liked it. There was a bit of electrical and plumbing and I preferred the electrical, so I moved on to get an apprenticeship.”

And Mia said that she valued the opportunity to learn a skill in practical setting: “It’s a quicker way to get in and learn and get your qualifications,” she said.

“I’m more of a practical learner, so rather than sitting and reading all the books I like to be able to watch things and join in and do them. It’s better for me to learn that way.”

Both Mia and Baily offered similar advice for anyone thinking of entering an apprenticeship:

”Just go for it! But stick to it because they are hard to find. But once you find one and you get in, you’ll be alright. Just keep looking for one,” they said. 

They’ve been guided through the process by their manager Ray Pennell, who has been in the industry for forty years and is used to supporting apprentices.

He said that he’s really enjoyed watching Baily and Mia develop in their roles. 

” ‘I’ve watched how Baily has progressed during his time here; he’s very nearly a qualified electrician now. He’s being mentored on the day-to-day and emergency repairs where he gets to meet residents. 

“And Mia is beginning her journey and getting her practical skills. She’s doing well. I reckon in a couple of months she’ll be more up and running. I’m really pleased with her.’

“But most importantly they’ve both got a really good attitude, and nothing’s a problem“

Their commitment is matched by TCH Repairs, which gets really involved with the apprenticeships, offering them all they need to develop, from practical experience and training to their uniform and work van!”

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