Hedge and grass cutting schedule

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To keep our estates looking well maintained we make sure grass and hedges are cut at the right time of year.

Our schedule for the year is as follows:

March 2023 – October 2023

  • Grass cutting. Our cut and drop service means we will cut the grass but won’t collect the cuttings. If grass falls onto paths or anywhere else other than a grass area, then it will be cleared and moved back onto the grass
  • Weed control on all hard surfaces, such as paths and car parks, that we’re responsible for
  • Overhanging brambles from hedges
  • Hedges will receive their first cut in June and July, so that nesting birds aren’t disturbed.

October 2023 – March 2024

  • Leaf clearance on hard surfaces
  • Maintain hard surfaces all year round i.e. clear moss, weeds, overgrowing grass
  • Hedges that we’re responsible for will be cut back.

If you have any questions about hedge and grass cutting seasons, please contact us on 01892 501480.

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