A day in the life of a Repairs Service Advisor

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Our Repairs Service Advisors (RSA) are your first point of contact to report something in your home that needs repairing.

We spoke to our Senior Repairs Service Advisor, Emma Browning, to find out what her day-to-day job looks like.

Our phones switch over from the emergency overnight out of hours service at 8am and we will be answering calls from that point onwards until the end of our working day at 5pm.

RSA’s are part of the larger TCH Customer Services Team. We specialise in the repairs side of the business, while the Customer Service Advisors deal with any general housing or tenancy queries. We work closely with our colleagues in TCH Repairs, and our other contractors, who plan and carry out the repair work.

There a lots of ways to contact us, whether that’s by emailing us via info@tch.org.uk, speaking to a member of our team on webchat through our TCH website, raising a repair on MyHomeOnline or by calling us on 01892 501480.

We’re currently a team of five, I lead a team of four advisors, who take calls and help diagnose and record repair issues.

When you call, we’ll ask questions and use our knowledge to diagnose the repair to try and determine whether it’s an emergency or if it’s a more routine repair. We’re also trialling video calls, especially for things like damp and mould issues, to get a clear picture of what’s needed. We’ll only do this with your agreement but we’re finding it can be really helpful in getting the diagnosis right first time, so the operative knows exactly what’s needed when they arrive to do your repair.

Once we’ve made our initial diagnosis, we ask more questions about the repair so that we’re able to give the operative as much detail as possible, so that when they visit your home they can try and fix the problem during the first visit, where possible. Some repair jobs require us to measure up or order parts at first visit so will always need a follow up.

We work closely with all the departments across the business to make sure that we’re able to provide residents with accurate information and to arrive at the best possible outcome.

On a not so busy day, it’s usually around 90-100 calls. On a busier day we could take up to 200. Over the past couple months, we’ve had more than 100 calls every day.

Mondays are typically busier, and it’s also very weather dependent. We’re more likely to receive calls about repairs and damages when the weather is bad.

No two days are the same as an RSA, it all depends on the types of calls we get. It’s what makes the job so challenging yet so rewarding.

It’s always a great feeling when we’re able to resolve a resident’s query on the initial call.

With more complex cases, we may need to consult with other teams across the business and sometimes our specialist contractors.

This process can take some time, and we understand that this can be frustrating for the resident, but it means that we’re able to give them accurate answers to their questions. That’s what makes all the hard work behind the scenes worth it.

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