From despair to hope: Lisa’s journey out of debt and mental health challenges

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*Lisa had been experiencing poor mental health triggered by the death of her mum during Covid. She had fallen behind on her rent payments and was at risk of eviction. We always see eviction as a last resort so Sue More, Money Support Officer, reached out to offer TCH’s support.

To help others facing similar challenges, Lisa has shared some of her key experiences to give other residents an insight into how TCH could help them.

Debt related issues can have a huge impact on individuals, as Lisa details here:

“I fell into debt because of my mental health, and I got to the point where I was not wanting to be here but having to be here because of my daughter.

“Everything started to escalate and resulted in me hiding in my shed at the back of my garden, hiding from bailiffs, hiding from anyone who came to my door. I was always looking over my shoulder. I didn’t know who to turn to and the social shame that comes with it left me feeling very isolated.”

We offer a personalised approach to our residents. Lisa explained how TCH was able to support her in a way that best met her needs and circumstances:

“I was at the place of eviction when Town & Country Housing stepped in and introduced me to Money Support Officer, Sue More. I think if it wasn’t for her and the support she was able to offer me, I would have probably ended up on the streets.

“As I come with a multitude of background history and some of it is very complex, I didn’t know who to trust but she reassured me that she was there to help. And she hasn’t stopped helping.”

One day Sue noticed that Lisa didn’t seem well. She advised her to see a doctor and shortly after this she was diagnosed with a long-term neurological disorder.

Lisa said that Sue was then able to help her to apply for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP):

“After I was diagnosed, Sue said to me you can apply for PIP. She explained what it was and I applied but didn’t get it. As I didn’t know any different, I accepted this and didn’t think I could do any more about it. But Sue wasn’t happy with the outcome, so she helped me appeal which went to tribunal.

“Sue came with me on the day of the tribunal to support me and I won.”

Finally, we asked Lisa how she was feeling now:

“If it wasn’t for Sue More and the team then it would just be darkness. And now it isn’t. I’m able to smile. The best way to describe it is that I have discovered the world. There’s a world outside that shed.”

Our Money Support Team is here to give residents a helping hand when they need it. The team is used to dealing with complex cases and is skilled at finding support and solutions that work for an individual’s or a family’s needs. If you’re in debt, or if you have concerns around money, please contact them via or by calling 01892 501480.

*Names have been changed.

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