You said, we’re doing

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We’re always looking for ways to improve our services, and value the opportunity to share these positive changes with residents through our ‘You said, we’re doing’ updates.

Resident feedback is vital in helping us to improve our residents’ experiences, as shown through this latest ‘You said, we’re doing’ update.

In this example we were supporting a resident who needed to move home due to exceptional needs.

This process is available for people who may need to move due to a risk of violence, harassment, abuse or hate crime that seriously threatens their health and wellbeing.

Once a resident has been approved onto the Exceptional Social Needs (ESN) move list, they receive an acknowledgement letter outlining the next steps.

When a suitable property has been found, it will be allocated in date order (from when the application was registered). This means that the resident who has been on the list for the longest time will be offered the property first.

The resident told us that the wording in the letter didn’t clearly explain this, so they weren’t sure why their situation wasn’t being prioritised.

We have now re-written the acknowledgement letter to clearly state that applications are dealt with in date order from when the application was registered. This means other residents won’t face the same problem when applying for an ESN move in the future.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to read our last ‘You said, we’re doing’ update.

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