Grounds Maintenance and Communal Cleaning


Find out how we look after the communal areas of your estate and help to ensure it’s kept it clean and tidy.

Our Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance Service is carried out by our contractors and monitored by our Estate Contract Officers who carry out regular inspections of blocks and estates to identify any issues.

What are Estate Services?

Town & Country Housing provides more than 10,000 homes to families in Kent and Sussex, and a further 3,000 homes in in Surrey and West Sussex through Rosebery Housing.

As your landlord it’s our responsibility to keep the land around these homes, and shared spaces within them, clean and tidy. We use specialist contractors to carry out this work for us, which you pay for as part of your service charge.

We call this work ‘Estate Services’ and these are the type of things that are covered:

  • Grass and hedge cutting in communal areas
  • Maintaining play areas
  • Cleaning of internal communal areas in blocks of flats
  • Communal window cleaning
  • Lighting in communal areas
  • Cleaning bin stores
  • Dealing with fire hazards, such as items left in communal areas.

Hedge cutting season

Hedges on communal land are generally cut back twice a year, usually in late July or August (to avoid bird nesting season) and then again in late autumn.

Works consist of trimming back that season’s growth on the sides and top of the hedge, to make sure that hedges are left looking neat and tidy and do not overhang public footpaths. Our contractors should remove all trimmings from site when they're done.

Grass Cutting season

Grass cutting will normally start late February or early March and will run through to late autumn.

Cutting will take place, on average, every two weeks but may be more or less frequently depending on the growing conditions.

The grass cuttings will be collected after the first cut of the year but after this are left on site. All paths should be swept clear of cuttings, please contact us on 01892 501480 if this hasn’t happened.