Tenancy Support Services

Our Tenancy and Money Support services are here to support our tenants who may be at risk of losing their tenancy or may be struggling with rent arrears and debt.

These teams can provide advice and information, signpost or refer you for help that may be available.  We are also able to approach charitable organisations who offer all kinds of help which you may be unaware you could be eligible for.

In this current financial climate, we understand that things are hard, and we want to make sure we can do all that we can to help you to find any assistance that may be available to you.

We accept referrals from residents directly, or their support network whether that be a professional, friend or family member. Please see below for more details on how you can contact the Tenancy Support or Money Support team.

What is the Tenancy Support Service?

Tenancy Support work with residents that may be at risk of tenancy failure, helping them to sustain their tenancy long term.  Our support complements the service provided by other teams such as Neighbourhoods, Community Safety, Income Management, Community Investment and Digital Engagement.


What can you expect from our service?

The Tenancy Support Team has four Tenancy Support Officers and a Tenancy Support Co-Ordinator. They work closely with residents who benefit from additional help and who could be at risk of losing their home either because of tenancy enforcement action or because their support needs impact on managing a tenancy or maintaining a home. The team focuses on working both with internal teams and co-ordinating referrals to external organisations to ensure the resident receives the most appropriate support to help improve their situation and prevent them losing their home.

Our aim is to help you sustain your tenancy by linking you with the most appropriate agency to help with your support needs.

When to speak to us:

  • You have rent arrears and or other debts and you are at risk of eviction
  • Your mental health is unwell which is preventing you from managing your home or tenancy, and/or is impacting on neighbours
  • Physical health or social need impacting the tenant’s ability to maintain their home, causing a risk to their tenancy
  • You have learning disabilities or difficulties, without support and don’t know how to manage a tenancy
  • You have recently been released from prison
  • Addictions: gambling, drug and alcohol dependency which impacts on your tenancy
  • You are a new tenant, or this is your first tenancy and you need some help to settle into your new home and understand your tenant rights and responsibilities.