Money Support Services

Our Tenancy and Money Support services are here to support our tenants who may be at risk of losing their tenancy or may be struggling with rent arrears and debt.

These teams can provide advice and information, signpost or refer you for help that may be available.  We are also able to approach charitable organisations who offer all kinds of help which you may be unaware you could be eligible for.

In this current financial climate, we understand that things are hard, and we want to make sure we can do all that we can to help you to find any assistance that may be available to you.

We accept referrals from residents directly, or their support network whether that be a professional, friend or family member. Please see below for more details on how you can contact the Tenancy Support or Money Support team.

What is the Money Support Service?

The Money Support Service is a service available to all of our residents to provide budgeting advice and assistance with welfare benefits.  If you are worried about money or you think a change in your personal circumstances may impact on your finances and you want some advice, please speak to us.

However big or small, our Money Support team is on hand to help. We would rather you spoke to us sooner rather than later as it will be much easier to deal with any money concerns earlier on.

Sadly, many people choose to ignore their debts or get a loan from a loanshark or a payday loan. These money lenders charge very high interest rates and very quickly a small loan of £100 can turn into a massive debt of thousands of pounds. The debt can then spiral and becomes unmanageable.


“I struggle with mental health and when there was a mix up with my housing benefit I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. The money support team helped me by giving me advice on what I needed to do and who to contact, she also referred me to floating support who are helping me get back and keep on track.”


What can you expect from our service?

Our aim is to help you sustain your tenancy by providing money management and welfare benefit advice.

  • Short-term (usually up to 1 month) support and advice
  • Provide a clear summary of household income and expenditure
  • Provide advice for increasing household income
  • Provide advice for reducing household expenses
  • Assist to negotiate affordable repayment arrangements if appropriate
  • Referrals to specialist support/advice providers if appropriate
  • Referrals to employment/skills training if appropriate
  • Provide information regarding welfare benefit qualification and eligibility
  • Guide through welfare benefit claims/appeals
  • Improve your confidence and knowledge around your finances
  • Provide information or make referrals for funding support.

When to speak to us:

  • You can’t pay some or all of your rent
  • You’re struggling to keep up with payment on your other household bills
  • You’re going without food, heating etc
  • Your circumstances change, such as losing your job
  • Getting a reduction in your benefit
  • Your money worries are impacting on your health, i.e. sleepless nights, anxiety etc.

If you are at all worried about being able to keep up payments on your rent, please talk to us. We are here to help.

Energy Support Advice

With the cost of energy increasing we know people might need some help with energy bills. Our Money Support Team has put together a useful list of support services and advice that anyone can access. To find our more visit our Energy Support Advice page.

Other agencies and support you can access

Here is some information about other agencies that offer support if you are able to or would prefer to access this directly yourself.

Help with Benefits/Universal Credit

Money Helper provides a range of advice and guidance regarding budgeting, saving, universal credit and family benefit to help support you to manage your finances.

Benefits/Universal Credit

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice provide guidance on issues such as, debt management, welfare benefits, housing, immigration and asylum, employment, consumer complaints and landlord-tenant disputes, energy provider concerns.

Citizens Advice