Estate Days

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As part of our approach to tackling damp and mould we are arranging a series of Estate Days in areas where we know properties may be at higher risk of damp and mould issues. This is based on data such as Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating and previous repair works.

The first Estate Day took place around Boundary Road, Ramsgate, and saw members of staff from Town & Country Housing (TCH), TCH Repairs and other contractors coming together on the day.

TCH Repairs completed more than 30 repairs and one of our contractors, DMS, was on hand to help in communal areas. DMS’s caged truck was filled three times with bulky waste from the area, and residents’ homes.

We wrote to residents before the Estate Day to book in repairs in advance and we knocked on more than 60 doors on the day. 47 repairs were completed.

We received lots of positive feedback from the residents on the estate, many said how pleased they were that the works were being carried out.

The day was a great success, and we will continue to arrange Estate Days across our estates in the future.

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