Introducing the Tenant Satisfaction Measures

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If you’ve been contacted to complete a satisfaction survey about our services since the start of January, you may have noticed that some of the questions have changed. This is in preparation for the introduction of Tenant Satisfaction Measures.

The Regulator of Social Housing is the body that sets and oversees the standards that social landlords are expected to meet. It has created a new system to assess how well social housing landlords in England are doing at providing good quality homes and services.

This includes a set of Tenant Satisfaction Measures that social housing landlords, like Town & Country Housing, must report on. You’ll be able to use these measures to understand how well we are doing as a landlord. The performance measures will also show the regulator if landlords need to improve things.

Landlords are required to collect and report on the performance information from April 2023 and the first annual outcomes will be published in 2024. There are 22 Tenant Satisfaction Measures, covering five themes. Ten of these will be measured by landlords directly, and 12 will be measured by landlords carrying out tenant satisfaction surveys. From January we’ve been trialling the satisfaction survey questions we need to ask.

The themes are:

  • Keeping Properties in good repair
  • Maintaining building safety
  • Respectful and helpful engagement
  • Effective complaint handling
  • Responsible neighbourhood management

Look out for more information in future newsletters and on our website. We’ll keep you updated about how we’re performing, what we’ve learnt from your feedback and how we’re adapting our services based on what you’ve told us.

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