You said, we’re doing

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We’re always looking for ways to bring positive change and improvements to our services. We welcome resident feedback as it helps us review service areas where residents feel we could do better.

We’ve adopted a ‘you said, we’re doing’ approach to show how we’re listening to, and acting on, your feedback.

We look for lessons learned from all our complaints and tell individual complainants what we’re doing to put things right, or to improve services, as part of the complaint process.

We track lessons learned to monitor how any actions we’ve agreed as the result of a complaint, or other feedback, are implemented.

We also look for themes across complaints and other feedback to show where there are wider issues that need addressing.

You said: There have been several cases recently where issues with scaffolding have delayed repair works.

We’re doing: We’ve reviewed how our surveyors and repairs planners liaise, and have agreed a more structured process. This means there should always be a clear understanding as to whether scaffolding is needed, and that the right type of equipment is in place ready for works to begin. We are also making some changes to our IT systems so that scaffolding specifications can be more clearly captured.

You said: A resident’s complaint has recently reminded us that electric fan heaters can be unsuitable for residents with respiratory conditions. We provide fan heaters when people are going to be left without heating. For example, if we need to wait for parts to repair a boiler.

We’re doing: As a result of this complaint, we’re asking our heating contractors to provide electrically powered oil filled radiators as an alternative when needed by a resident.

We will continue to use feedback to improve our services, and we will let you know how we’re doing this in future ‘you said, we’re doing’ articles.

Please let us know if you’ve got any suggestions on how we can improve our services, or if you’d like to tell us something that works well, by emailing or by calling 01892 501480.

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