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We regularly hear from community groups asking us to share details of local community support services and events with our residents, and so we’re teaming up with @futureCodersSE to look at new ways of promoting this information.

@futureCodersSE is a social enterprise that aims to nurture coding talent by providing work experience opportunities. Together we’re investigating whether we can create an app that allows our residents to find out what’s happening in their community.

As a starting point we’re asking residents how they currently find out about local support groups and events, and what they’d like to hear more about, through this survey. If you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare then please do respond.

There’s also an opportunity for our residents aged 16 and over to work with @futureCodersSE to help build the app. This is a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience as either a Trainee Web Developer or Trainee Designer.  

And finally, once the app is under development we’ll be running a focus group to make sure it meets residents’ needs. The sessions will take place over a Zoom/Teams call, and dates and times will be confirmed soon. To register your interest in these please email

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@futureCodersSE website

Trainee Web Developer (work experience)

Trainee Designer (work experience)

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