An update on renewable/green technology servicing

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From April 2024, we’ll be required to perform an annual service and safety check on all green/renewable technologies, if you have them installed in your property. This includes air source heat pumps, solar technologies, mechanical heating and ventilation/unvented cylinders.

These checks are essential to make sure that your heating and hot water systems operate efficiently, keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the year.

*This will only affect residents who have green/renewable technologies installed in their properties.

You’ll receive advance notice from our heating contractor, Swale Heating, before the service and safety checks are due. This will usually consist of an appointment date and time.

If the date/time being proposed doesn’t work for you, you can contact Swale directly to re-arrange the appointment.

You can find all the ways to contact them in this article.

If you’ve got any questions, or if you aren’t sure if this will affect you, please contact us via or by calling 01892 501480.

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