Check your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are installed

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Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms play a key role in keeping you safe in your home. It’s important that you let us know immediately if you don’t have a smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm installed in your home, or if they aren’t working as they should.

Smoke detectors

Smoke detector

Every home should have smoke detectors.  They are usually in the hallway and kitchen.

During your five-year electrical check and test our contractor, M&S Electrical, will service your smoke detector.

If you do not have smoke detectors installed in your home, please call us on 01892 501480 to book an installation appointment with our TCH Repairs team.

Carbon Monoxide alarms

Carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon monoxide (CO) is known as a silent killer because you can’t taste, see, or smell it but the fumes are highly poisonous. This is why it is really important to have a Carbon Monoxide alarm installed and to check that it is working.

Our contractor, Swale heating, install 10-year battery powered CO alarms, and they will be serviced every year during the annual gas safety check.

If you do not have a carbon monoxide alarm in your home, please call Swale Heating to arrange for one to be installed. Call them on 01795 477098.

How to check if your smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm are working:

  • Simply push the test button to see if it is working. If it’s on the ceiling, try using a broom handle. When you do this, it should start to beep.
  • If your detector/alarm starts beeping (when you are not testing) this means the battery is low.
  • We are responsible for replacing the batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm.
  • If your smoke detector battery is low please call TCH Repairs on 01892 501480.
  • If your carbon monoxide alarm battery is low please call Swale on 01795 477098.
  • Never cover the detector/alarm to silence the beeping.

If you think your smoke detector or carbon monoxide alarm is faulty, please call us on 01892 501480.

What should I do if I’m worried about carbon monoxide in my property?

If you suspect there are high levels of carbon monoxide in your property, follow these steps:   

  • Open all doors and windows
  • Move everyone into the fresh air
  • Call the Gas Emergency Service, Southern Gas Networks, on 0800 111 999

If someone has collapsed or is displaying severe symptoms, seek medical help by calling 999 or 112.

Fire Safety

There are Fire Action Notices in our buildings explain to residents and visitors what they need to do in the unlikely event of a fire. They are located on each floor of the communal area.

Please take time to read these and familiarise yourself with what to do in the event of a fire.

Example of a stay put policy
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