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We’ve recently heard from a number of residents that they’ve been called by Town & Country High Weald Housing, claiming to be their landlord.

The caller has been asking about storm damage, flood and issues with damp and mould.

Town & Country High Weald Housing does not exist, and we would never call you using that company name.

If you do have any issues with damp and mould, flooding, storm damage or any other repairs matter then please raise the issue through your MyHomeOnline account, by emailing repairs.direct@tch.org.uk or by calling 01892 501480 and press option 1.

Your rights around repairs

It’s highly likely that these calls are from a claims management or legal firm encouraging residents to make a legal disrepair claim against Town & Country Housing.

Disrepair claims come about when a landlord hasn’t properly dealt with repairs. Citizens Advice has a very good section on its website about this.

If you are worried about disrepair issues in your home, we’d urge you to contact us directly. If you’re not happy with the repairs service we can formally investigate your complaint. You can also take your complaint to the Housing Ombudsman if you feel that we’ve not handled it correctly.

Disrepair – be aware

There are firms who specialise in disrepair claims, and they may contact you directly and encourage you to make a claim. They may not always be acting with residents’ best interest at heart, and quite often they will take the majority of any compensation won.

They may also tell you not to allow us in to your home to carry out repairs as it will affect a claim. This could be very dangerous and may lead to further damage to your personal property, which generally won’t be covered by the claims or legal firm. 

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